About Our League


The PCL is one of many leagues that participate in a computer simulated baseball game called CSFBL (Computer Simulated Fantasy Baseball League). Our league pays homage to the great Pacific Coast League. We are not in anyway affiliated with the real life Pacific Coast League, but we honor the heritage of the historic PCL in our simulated game.

We simulate four games per calendar day and have completed more than 3 decades of simulated baseball. You can view our past champions in the PCL Hall of Champions.

League Features

Our league features a couple of features that differentiate if from other CSFBL leagues:

  1. We were the first and are one of the only CSFBL leagues that holds a live draft (held in our league chatroom).
  2. PCL is one of the few leagues in CSFBL that has its own website to enhance league record keeping.
  3. PCL hosts the CSFBL table tools which are used by many leagues through CSFBL.
  4. Team names are fixed and were determined at the creation of the league to emulate early or notable historic PCL teams.
  5. Stadium measurements are fixed and were determined at the creation of the league to nearly match the historic stadium of the home team.
  6. At the creation of our league, CSFBL granted us our request to start our league year at 1903, mirroring the start of the real life historic Pacific Coast League.

How to Join

If you have not registered at CSFBL, you must first register in both the game and the forums. Once you have registered, you can join PCL by sending a private message through the forums to ravensjeff. If no teams are available, he will advise you if there are teams that are to soon be in need of a new owner.

Why the Pacific Coast League?

The real life Pacific Coast League is one of two leagues in minor league baseball playing at the triple A level. But the storied history of the PCL is what attracted us to pay homage to this great league.

At the turn of the century, there was no major league baseball west of St. Louis. The void of high calibre baseball on the West Coast led to the formation of the PCL in 1903. The league became unrivaled in terms of quality of play producing players such as Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams, Earl Averill, and Ernie Lombardi. Although the PCL, was never considered a major league, the success of many teams afforded them the opportunity to offer competitive salaries to their players. That coupled with the mild California climates which allowed for longer playing seasons, meant some players actually preferred the PCL to the major leagues.

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