CSFBL's Pacific Coast League

Welcome to the website for the Pacific Coast League of CSFBL (Computer Simulated Fantasy Baseball League).

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About Our League

The PCL is one of many leagues that participate in a computer simulated baseball game called CSFBL. Our league pays homage to the great Pacific Coast League. We are not in anyway affiliated with the real life Pacific Coast League, but we honor the heritage of this league in our simulated game.

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Tools & Utilities

This website houses a large number of tools and utilites for players throughout CSFBL to utilize. These tools make it easier to manage leagues, facilitate stat compilations, and provide for quicker and easier forum posting. These tools are free to use for everyone in CSFBL regardless of league.

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League Chatroom

The Pacific Coast League Chatroom is where we conduct our live draft each season. PCL members gather in the chatroom for about 90 minute every other month to complete the draft. The chatroom may also be used by players looking for a convenient place to discuss and negotiate trades.

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"Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded." - Yogi Berra