League Rules

League Intent

The intent of the Pacific Coast League is to be an enjoyable, fun league for CSFBL players that prefer a league with an historical theme.

Participation and Conduct

All league owners shall be expected to conduct themselves in accordance with CSFBL Acceptable Use Policy. Owners shall be expected to treat each other with appropriate respect and consideration. Further, no owner shall intentionally instigate or cause derision between other league members or commissioners. All owners shall, to the best of their ability, strive to ensure the league remains competitive, active, and enjoyable. Elements of the league will require more involvement from participation owners than some other CSFBL leagues.

Participation in the league forums is a requirement of the league membership. From time to time, league-wide discussion threads will be posted and all members are expected to post in response.

League Performance Standard

Owners shall be expected to be as competitive as possible at all times. If at any time an owner shall fail to win 90 games over a two season stretch (45 per season average), he or she shall be subject to removal from the League at the discretion of the League Commissioners.

Team Names

All team names shall be unchangeable once assigned. The 24 team names in use shall be:

PCL Central

  • Fresno Grizzlies
  • Mission Bells
  • Oakland Oaks
  • Sacremento Solons
  • Salt Lake City Bees
  • San Francisco Seals

PCL South

  • Hawaii Islanders
  • Hollywood Stars
  • L.A. Angels
  • Phoenix Firebirds
  • San Diego Padres
  • Vernon Tigers

PCL North

  • Eugene Emeralds
  • Portland Beavers
  • Seattle Rainiers
  • Spokane Indians
  • Tacoma Wanderers
  • Vancouver Mounties

PCL Central

  • Albuquerque Dukes
  • Arkansas Travelers
  • Denver Bears
  • Oklahoma City 89ers
  • Tucson Toros
  • Tulsa Oilers

Stadium Sizes

Team Stadium sizes shall reflect historical sizes and shall be permanent unless an owner petitions the League Commissioners for a change to another acceptable historical size. Sizes have been determined as best as possible to reflect the historical stadium sizes of the respective teams.


All trades must be posted in the designated forum thread prior to or within 24 hours of acceptance. While trades do not need to be approved prior to execution, all trades shall be subject to review by the League Commissioners. Trades to acquire players due your team as a result of the draft do not need to be posted.

Draft picks may be traded in accordance with the following schedule:

  • If the current season's draft has not occurred, draft picks may only be traded for this current season and the next.
  • If the current season's draft has already occurred, draft picks may be traded for the next season and the following season only.
  • The draft shall be determined to have occurred after the 7/15 draft date is complete, not when the league has completed a live draft.


The Pacific Coast League will hold a live draft each season in the PCL Chat Room. Owners who are unable to participate in the scheduled live draft shall be required to designate a proxy to participate in the draft on his/her behalf. A proxy may be anyone else in the league or a non-league member but should not be a PCL Commissioner.

Basic rules of the live draft are as follows:

  1. Each person will have 3 minutes to make their pick. It won't be a hard 3 minutes but we will be encouraging people to follow the 3 minute guideline. We will likely start heckling you after 90 seconds.
  2. If a person is not in attendance and has not submitted an ordered list or proxy, their pick will be skipped and then autopicked at the end of the round by assigning the player with the highest salary of the remaining available players. Should an owner arrive late to the draft and find his pick has been skipped, he may make his selection at any time provided the pick has not already been autopicked.
  3. Draft picks may not be traded on the clock. You may trade so long as you are not on the clock while doing so.
  4. The main chat room will be for conducting the draft...if you would like to talk trade or have other conversations, please use the private message feature when possible.
  5. When it is announced you are on the clock, please acknowledge so that we know you are paying attention.
  6. When making a selection, please announce the position and first and last name of the player you are selecting.

As is customary, all owners shall be responsible for setting their draft preferences in the CSFBL interface to coincide with those players drafted.

Further, all owners shall be required to have room in their low minors at the time of the draft sim date (7/15) to accommodate drafted players.

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